Who’s the Groom?

This was originally shared on our Wedding Website: Lesbian Wedding 101: Gender Roles and was just republished today on Offbeat Bride (on of my favorite blogs evarrrr!): “Who’s the ‘groom’ in your lesbian wedding?” Gender stereotypes and assumptions with gay weddings.” To say I’m stoked is an understatement! If you want to read some awesome stuff about wedding planning for those […]

Getting Things…Done?

HA! Getting Things Done. I wrote that five months ago! But I haven’t been doing nothing. I’ve been working on writing my story for over a year. But I keep running into organizational road blocks. Who said this stuff was easy? I’ve recorded a video about 5 times, but it always ends up being a rambling mess that tends toward preachy and […]

101 Things in 1001 Days

I don’t buy into the resolution thing, if I don’t do something December 31st, it’s not going to magically happen on January 1st. Life doesn’t reset just because the calendar did. Still, its hard to resist the fresh feeling that comes with marking a “New” year, even if the newness is purely psychological. As the […]